About us

Inspired by his desire to transform the use of glass, Sandro Santoni, owner and founder of the historic Santoni Vetri and of the more innovative Sametec, starts collaborating with Luca Degara, an art designer whose technical skills and extraordinary inventiveness are particularly appreciated.

Santoni has a vision: creating an outdoor product emphasising the features of glass.

As a result, Degara’s creativity in combination with the technical know-how of Santoni Vetri Group gives rise to three collections of design objects which constitute the first series of decorative seats in structural glass worldwide.

The huge success of these seats even for indoor locations later leads to the creation of special indoor products, manufactured in a peculiar way.

Luca Degara

Luca Degara - Vetrogiardini

He is an eclectic artist and designer and represents the creative spirit who shaped the line Vetrogiardini.

He developed a vision: the first line of benches in the world entirely made of glass.

Exploiting the most modern glass processing technologies, he gave rise to new technical solutions resulting in revolutionary furniture items, very resistant and with a peculiar aesthetics.

The uniqueness of the concept of Vetrogiardini is reflected in his motto: “On a Vetrogiardini you do not just sit… you hover in the air between your thoughts and the beauties around you.